Dr. Shogan’s Weekly Summary and Social Media Report: March 25-March 29, 2024

This week, Archivist of the United States Dr. Colleen Shogan joined the celebration of Women’s History Month by sharing relevant holdings from our collections and utilizing hashtags #WHM and #MoreThanFirstLadies from her X account. On March 25, Dr. Shogan shared the 1844 petition signed by 65 Philadelphia women urging the abolition of slavery. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/595408.

On March 25, 2024, Dr. Shogan shared an article with an update on her work in response to the vandalism of the Rotunda in February. AP photo by Mariam Zuhaib.

On March 26, Dr. Shogan shared a series of photographs from the National Archives Catalog in honor of Women’s History Month including a digitized collection of WWI photographs and the varied roles women served in U.S wartime efforts. You can also view the image directly in our Catalog here: https://catalog.archives.gov/id/20801836.

On March 27, 2024, Dr. Shogan shared her America250 video interview spotlighting the National Archives involvement.

Later that day, Dr. Shogan mourned the loss of her former employer, Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT).

On March 27 to March 29, Dr. Shogan continued to highlight items from our Catalog collections by featuring Women’s History Month content including a nod to “Rosie the Riveters,” during WWII. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7452275 and the first National Women’s Conference that took place in 1977 to honor the UN declaration of International Women’s Year (1975). https://catalog.archives.gov/id/7452305. You can find more resources related to Women’s History Month on our website.

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