Dr. Shogan’s Social Media Report: January 8–January 12, 2024

On January 5, 2024, Archivist of the United States Dr. Colleen Shogan met with Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) of the Air Force JoAnne S. Bass (center left) and her U.S. Air Force team at the National Archives in Washington, DC. CMSgt Bass is the first woman in U.S. military history to serve as the highest-ranking enlisted non-commissioned officer.

On January 10, 2024, Dr. Shogan visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Dr. Shogan is joined by Supervisory Archivist Ira Pemstein in the research room as she reviews President Reagan’s first inaugural address, which is written in his own handwriting. While visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Dr. Shogan also explored the exhibits, met with staff and Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation partners, and thanked the volunteer docents.

During her visit, Dr. Shogan also met with the President and CEO of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Foundation and Institute David Trulio in a three-quarter scale replica of the Oval Office within the Reagan Leadership Center, located in the Air Force One Pavilion.

On that same day, Dr. Shogan posed for a photo with the statues of President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan.

On January 11, 2024, Dr. Shogan toured ⁦the National Archives at Riverside⁩ and met with staff. Dr. Shogan said she loved their staff-led office engagement program Riverside Organization for Fun and Learning (ROFL).

That same day, Riverside Federal Record Center Director Jason Glover gave a guided tour to Dr. Shogan, which included a records storage bay. In the back, working with records, are Blackfish Contractor Dante Ramos and General Reference Team Lead Jason Brandon.

During her tour of Riverside Federal Records Center, Dr. Shogan stops to take a photo with Archives Specialist Armando Montes in the corridor that services the record bays. Montes and Dr. Shogan discussed the process for transfer and disposal, the records fee schedule, and how records are prepared for the shipping process to the disposal site in Fort Worth, TX.

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