Dr. Shogan’s Weekly Summary: September 25–29, 2023

On September 26, Archivist of the United States Dr. Colleen Shogan hosted Bob Costas and Michael Wilbon in a program sponsored by the National Archives Foundation on the history of sports and the importance they play in our shared national culture.

On September 27, Dr. Shogan met Representative Pat Fallon (R-TX) and his guests.

On September 28, Dr. Shogan met with volunteers from the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC, thanking them for all the work they do assisting visitors and digitizing and transcribing NARA records.

On September 28, Dr. Shogan welcomed the 1 millionth visitor of 2023 to the National Archives Museum in Washington, DC. She presented Franklin with gifts from our National Archives store in partnership with the National Archives Foundation. Franklin was visiting the museum with his parents Celina and Warren, from their home in Queensland, Australia.

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